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Pet Behaviour Consults

Work With Rory O’Neill

Are you ready to grow a happy bond with your pet?

Working with Rory will ensure that you and your dog or cat learn manners, rules, boundaries, structure, and discipline—growing and solidifying your happy bond together.

Learn how to use reward-based training methods, and animal behaviour psychological control.

Options for Dog & Cat Owners

The following options are available for both dog and cat owners; choose whatever you are most comfortable with.

Phone Consult


Although we don’t meet face-to-face, so much can be accomplished by simply having a conversation about you and your pet. I’ll make recommendations based on our conversation, providing you with an easy step-by-step process to make changes in your daily routine and training.

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In-Home Consult


In-Home consults are for the Calgary, Cochrane, and Bow Valley area. Rory will work one-on-one with you in a complete home assessment. She will make recommendations on how best to raise your dog with your newly learned leadership skills. This option is recommended for those in the appropriate areas.

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On-Site Rescue Center Training & Assessment

The following options are available for consults on-site at the Rescue Center and are for dog consults only.


This one-on-one consult takes place at the Rescue Center and includes socialization for your dog with the friendly, balanced rescue center dog pack. This is a controlled environment and good for socialization needs.


This is the one-on-one consult at the Rescue Center with ONE follow-up lesson at the Canmore Dog Park. This can support advanced socialization, as well as off-leash work.

$650 –  Rescue Center Assessment & Training lesson (pack socialization), follow-up Canmore Dog Park Lesson (off leash), follow-up Canmore Leash Lesson (learn how to walk your dog without being pulled)

All follow-up remedial lessons are $125 each. This includes addition support for Leash Walk, Canmore Dog Park (fenced or no fencing), Rescue Center Socialization.