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“An aggressive dog or cat can be rehabilitated. You just need to be ready to do the work it takes to get there.”

Rory O’Neill is one of the few Canadian animal behaviourists who specializes in rehabilitating aggressive dogs and cats. From resource guarding to red zone cases—her counseling provides insight and understanding to properly relating to your pet so it becomes a well-mannered and balanced member of your family.

Aggression Issues

  • Aggression towards other animals
  • Aggression towards people
  • Seemingly unprovoked aggression
  • Attacking/Biting
  • Resource guarding
  • F

Help for Aggressive Pets


When your pet begins showing signs of aggression, it’s easy to feel frustrated, overwhelmed, maybe even hopeless. But here’s the good news: you have already taken a big step towards ensuring your pet’s successful rehabilitation by seeking out the professional help of an animal behaviourist who specializes in dog aggression and cat aggression.

As one of only a handful of recognized Canadian animal behaviourists who specialize in animal aggression, Rory can offer you and your family complete support through the rehabilitation process.

Request your Consult

Please fill out the request form with as much detail as possible regarding the aggressive behaviour issue(s) you’re experiencing with your dog or cat: this will help Rory O’Neill in assessing your unique situation.

Remember: your consult is not confirmed until your consult date is scheduled. Full payment is required before the consult.