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Behavioural Help For Your Cat or Dog

With over 20 years of behavioural rehabilitation, training, and rescue, Rory O’Neill has established her reputation as a leading Canadian animal behaviourist—and she’s ready to help you.

Rory O’Neill helps owners build confident & happy bonds with their pets—no matter the issue.

“Sometimes good pets pick up bad habits. But with patience and work, you can rebuild your happy bond.”

Rory O’Neill uses over 20 years of rescue, training, and rehabilitation experience to help you solve your pet’s behavioural problems. She is also one of the few Canadian behaviourists who specializes in rehabilitating aggressive animals.

Behavioural Help for Dogs

Rory will help you understand the root cause of your dog’s behaviour and how your home environment and your own emotional reactions are inadvertently supporting these issues. She’ll give you a step-by-step plan to follow that will aim to encourage trust between you and your dog, and meet your dog’s needs.

Dog Help

Behavioural Help for Cats

From annoying habits, to destructive or even dangerous cat behaviour—it is not only tricky to understand why your cat has developed a behavioural problem, but it can feel overwhelming too. Rory can help identify the triggers and provide you with a step-by-step plan to having the happiest cat possible.

Cat Help