Client Stories: Separation Anxiety & Fearful Biting

By January 23, 2015 Client Stories

Story about Maya

Maya is a 4 year old partially blind Shibu Inu who became very anxious when I got ready to leave home! After Leaving Maya with my parents for one year I was able to have her back, only to find out her problem had  become worse. Maya didn’t want me to leave the house. Because she chewed on the carpet or the doorframe when I left, I tried to put in the dog crate, but she would not go. My vet recommended clomicalm for her anxiety, but it did not work and it was expensive.

To add to that, she always had a problem when meeting new people, she would bite them! A friend of mine had worked with Rory when she had problems with their dogs, so I called for help. Rory came over to my house and after 2 weeks working together, Maya stopped trying to bite people. Even better, after trying different approaches recommended by Rory, Maya was able to stay home by herself without destroying anything.

In conclusion, Rory helped me a lot with the process and gave me a lot of her time and helped to take off a lot of the stress!

Just want to say a big thank you to Rory.