Client Stories: Aggression (Rohan Ruled the Neighborhood)

By January 18, 2015 Client Stories

Collie – Double Trouble
Suzanne White
Canmore, Alberta

I had a 9 month old Border Collie named Rohan who started to become aggressive and launch himself towards anyone he wanted. He presented a challenge far beyond my ability to control him. I then acquired another puppy collie. My canine work load doubled, and I still suffered issues with Rohan. He was creating such stress each time I walked out my door, so I swallowed my pride and called Rory.

I wish I had called Rory months before when Rohan’s behaviour first showed itself. I believe in the idea there are no bad dogs, just bad owners. My ‘bad’ was ignorance of what this extremely intelligent dog needed from me, but I wasn’t providing. He needed a pack leader, but all I dished out was love in bucket loads. With no role model to follow, he made up his own idea of what he should be: a collie who owned the neighborhood barking, growling and generally displaying extreme antisocial manners.

Within 5 minutes of Rory arriving at my home she identified many things I needed to change. We worked together over three lessons in different environments, the home, leash walking and off-leash exercise. My confidence soared from her astute guidance, and consequently Rohan started to change for the better.

Furthermore, my younger collie immediately benefited from her words of wisdom, as I implemented the lessons on him at a younger age. It is a common truth that every dog, just like every human being, is a unique character. Rory seized upon the nature of my particular problem and applied her vast canine wisdom, a wisdom born of experience and dedication to animal behavior, like no other person I have worked with. She is the Canadian Cesar Millan, and my only regret is that I had not engaged her sooner.

If you think you don’t need Rory’s services, you may be short changing yourself on the sheer potential from the relationship you COULD have with a canine. You have invested more than 10 years of our time when you get a dog. Make it the most rewarding and enjoyable experience of your life by employing Rory’s wealth of knowledge. You will not regret it.